saving orbital configurations and weights from sacasscf for mrci

Tim Robinson tim at
Mon Sep 2 00:41:38 BST 2002

Hi molpro users.
I want to select configurations for a MRCI based on a given threshold.  
For this to work I need to save the record and read it in using SELECT.  
The problem is my job crashes when I try and save using SAVE,ref=
The error message is "FORTRAN STOP illegal ms2".  Which is the same 
error as if I were to use CONFIG,CSF in the input.

The (almost identical) example given in the manual ( 
works, but mine 
(oxygen) doesn't.  The only reason I can think of is the triplet.  
There must be some way to do this, surely. 

Input follows, thanks for any help, Tim

***,O2 valence states, cs symmetry
r=1.20926 ang

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