Building Molpro for Alpha Linux

David Smith David.Smith at
Fri Sep 27 12:34:37 BST 2002


Nick Wilson wrote:
> Hi,
> The GNU c compiler should be sufficient, you don't need the Compaq c comiler.
> If you change the CC line in CONFIG to
> CC="gcc -i8"
> then it should work.
> Nick Wilson

I should have mentioned that I already tried this. I get an error from
the preprocessor:

cpp0: Invalid option -i8

This was why I tried to switch to the compaq compiler.

I wasn't sure if I could run it (gcc) without -i8 and still be free from
the restrictions associated with i4 (active orbitals, file size ...).

My thinking was that as most of the important stuff is in Fortran I
could probably get away with it.

Is this correct ?
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