A question WRT -mpp option

Carl Krauthauser krauthau at ccm.udel.edu
Thu Apr 24 18:00:57 BST 2003

I am attempting to run MOLPRO on my dual Athlon machine, and I have a 
question with respect to using the -mpp option in compiling MOLPRO 
2002.3.  I have downloaded and installed the Global Arrays toolkit, and 
have given the information required in running "configure", however, 
when I attempt to compile the code, I get the following error message:

> GNUmakefile:50: *** Cannot find 'parallel' command in PATH.  Stop.

What is the Make file looking for in my PATH that it cannot find?  I 
have put into my PATH the path to the GA libraries, but is not what it 
seems to want.  Please excuse my lack of experience with respect to 
working with parallelization software, and thank you for your assistance.


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