A question WRT -mpp option

Nick Wilson N.Wilson at bham.ac.uk
Sat Apr 26 10:56:58 BST 2003

In your Global Arrays toolkit you should find the file:
Place this file somewhere in your PATH and everything should work

Best wishes,
Nick Wilson

Carl Krauthauser wrote:
> I am attempting to run MOLPRO on my dual Athlon machine, and I have a 
> question with respect to using the -mpp option in compiling MOLPRO 
> 2002.3.  I have downloaded and installed the Global Arrays toolkit, and 
> have given the information required in running "configure", however, 
> when I attempt to compile the code, I get the following error message:
>> GNUmakefile:50: *** Cannot find 'parallel' command in PATH.  Stop.
> What is the Make file looking for in my PATH that it cannot find?  I 
> have put into my PATH the path to the GA libraries, but is not what it 
> seems to want.  Please excuse my lack of experience with respect to 
> working with parallelization software, and thank you for your assistance.
> Carl

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