Itanium and Molpro

Jacek Klos jakl at
Fri Aug 1 14:14:44 BST 2003

Dear Molpro Users,

I have access to Itanium supercomputer running Red Hat 64bit linux. The 
node contains:
64 CPUs Intel Itanium 2, 1,3 GHz, 3 Mbyte cache each 
128 Gbyte of memory and 400 Gbyte of scratch disk space

Compilers: efc(Intel Fortran Compiler),ecc, g77, gcc

What tricks I have to know to compile molpro on this platform
and get most of the testjobs not to fail?

Is it possible to compile molpro 2000? Or only the newest version
can only be compiled and linked?

Many thanks in advance
Best regards

Jacek A. Klos
Quantum Chemistry Laboratory     |
Department of Chemistry          |
University of Warsaw             |
Pasteura 1 Street                |
02-093 Warsaw                    |
Poland                           |
(+4822)8220211 ext. 213          |
e-mail: jakl at|

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