now problems RUNNING molpro2002.6: ADDRESS ERROR crashes

Garold Murdachaew garold at
Fri Aug 1 17:09:48 BST 2003

Dear molpro experts,

This is a follow-up to my posting of 30 July.  Although in that posting 
compilation was not trouble free I did manage to compile a binary.  
However the really major problem was that all quick test jobs failed right 
after starting with "ADDRESS ERROR".  Now, I wish to thank Matt and Nick 
Wilson for helping me make compilation more automatic but unfortunately I 
still have the same runtime "ADDRESS ERROR" crash.  Note that this 
happened regardless of whether I used the settings recommended by Nick or 
by Matt in the CONFIG file.  Also it happened regardless of my use of 
ic7.0/mkl5.2 or ifc7.1/mkl5.2 or latest versions of both, ifc7.1/mkl6.0.

Could it be because I have Red Hat 9 and had to make some tweaks to get 
ifc to work?  (I did this as described in  Or is there some 
problem with molpro on Xeons/P4's?  I notice that it is not one of the 
supported systems according to molpro webpage.

Thank you for your help,
Garold Murdachaew

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