Itanium2/ DSYMV and DGEMV problem

Matt Hodges matt at
Thu Aug 7 14:36:35 BST 2003

>>>>> Jacek Klos writes:

 > I compiled and linked molpro 2002.6 on Itanium 2 @ Red Hat platform
 > using efc and ecc (Intel compilers). During compilation I hit the
 > problem of old version of gnu linked 'ld' which was 2.11. I
 > compiled new 2.14 version of binutils and used them in linking of
 > molpro. Instead of linking with -lblas and -llapack I linked
 > optimized libscs library optimized for this platform. When I used
 > -lblas or -llapack molpro didn't link complaining about missing
 > symbols.

What were the missing symbols?

 > With -lscs molpro compiled and linked but all testjobs failed with
 > one of these two messages:

 > hso2_mccore.errout: ** On entry to DGEMV parameter number 6 had an
 > illegal value


There are some patches for 2002.7 related to the use of BLAS routines
for matrix-vector operations. Do you have access to the alpha source?

If you could send a backtrace for one or more of the test jobs that
fails, that might help identify the problem.

Dr. Matt Hodges
School of Chemical Sciences
University of Birmingham

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