Molpro 2002 with Itanium64 system

James A.J. Fitzpatrick J.Fitzpatrick at
Thu Jul 31 13:34:46 BST 2003

Hi Matt,

Had a question that you guys might know the answer to. We have been given a 
4 processor Itanium box by Intel to have a play with for a few weeks, and 
we have been (unsucessfully) trying to complie and link MOLPRO 2002 on it. 
Complier is Intel ifc 7.1 with MKL 6.0 libraries. Code complies fine but at 
the link stage we get this error message...

ld: /home/chjajf/molpro2002.7/bin/molpros_2002_7.exe: short data
segment overflowed (0x75bfd0 >= 0x400000)
GNU ld version (with BFD
  Supported emulations:
make: *** [bin/molpros_2002_7.exe] Error 1

It seems there is a 4MB limit on the short data segment, which we have hit. 
There are a couple of suggested fixes we've tried from bugzilla

of '-fpic -G' & '-fpic --shared' without success. In fact, the test problem 
on that page fails. The gcc version we have on the machine is 
gcc-2.96-118.7.2 which should be OK according to the bugzilla page.

Have you huys come across this problem before, or has Molpro been run on an 
Itanium based system at all?

Any info appreicated.

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