alpha: 4 jobs and crawling?

Pawel Dziekonski pawel.dziekonski at
Tue Jun 3 13:49:29 BST 2003


M. 2002.6 on alpha es40: 4 cpus, 8gb ram.
4 independent single-cpu jobs are running: scf, mp2, ccsdt and cas.

total load averages are about 2 instead of 4, each M. process
oscillates form 1% (!) to no more than 60% of cpu time. sar shows:

OSF1 V5.1 1885 alpha    03Jun2003
            %usr    %sys    %wio   %idle 
Average       20      52      17      11

if I stop 2 of them and start e.g. 2 gaussians than gaussians take 100%
cpu without any problems and remaining M. processes get better but still

it is obvious that M. jobs "interfere" with each other in some way.
they are definitely not swapping!  my 1st suspect-ion was that i/o is so
intensive however I can't find ANY temporary files created by those
jobs. where are they???

please help, regards, Pawel
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