alpha: 4 jobs and crawling?

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What the code actually does is the following. All temporary files are
unlink(2)ed immediately after they are created. This means that they are
not tied to a directory, with the consequence that you will not see them
with ls, nor will their space be counted with du. However, the files are
still there, and you will certainly see their presence in the output
from df. The reason for doing things this way is that the files
automatically disappear when they are closed or when the process owning
them dies; thus even when Molpro terminates abnormally, your scratch
disk is not left full of useless data.

Under circumstances (for example, if your job scheduler checkpoints), it
may be desirable to keep the files visible. This can be enabled by
into the CDEF stanza in CONFIG, then doing rm -f src/util/iow_direct.o;


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> > > it is obvious that M. jobs "interfere" with each other in some
> > > they are definitely not swapping!  my 1st suspect-ion was that i/o
> so
> > > intensive however I can't find ANY temporary files created by
> > > jobs. where are they???
> >
> > Molpro files are invisible. They are marked deleted.
> if they are marked deleted, does du/df count them ?
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