Setting up pbs for use with molpro

Charles Edwin Webster webster at
Thu Nov 6 20:11:31 GMT 2003


i've set up openpbs and have been using it for a while
on several of our clusters.

i can try to assist.  what advice do you require?


"Wheeler, Dr M.D." wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am trying to set up openPBS to control parallel molpro on our small (4 node/2cpu per node) cluster.  I have used the .rpm version that came on my linux installation disk. I have followed the instaructions on the PORTABLE BATCH SYSTEM (PBS) MINI-HOWTO site (, however, nothing is working at all and the manual may as well be in klingon for all the use it is...
> Does anyone have experience setting up openPBS on a linux cluster and would be willing to help me out a little.
> Thanks in advance,
> Martyn

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