Parallel molprop_2002_6 from binaries does not work

MOLPRO molpro at
Tue Sep 9 19:06:03 BST 2003

I have installed the molprop_2002_6 mpp 8 binaries.  Running the serial 
executable (molpro) has been done with no problems.

Global Arrays installs with no error and the test.x program works without 

However, running the molprop_2002_6_p4_tcgmsg.exe executable (taken from the 
folder /usr/local/lib/molpro-mpp-Linux-i686-i4-2002.6 and renamed to 
tcgmsg.exe) results in the following:

[root at master test_molpro]# ./parallel tcgmsg.exe ch2o_3.inp &
[1] 3947
[root at master test_molpro]#  Creating: host=master, user=root,
           file=/root/test_molpro/tcgmsg.exe, port=34128

 MPP nodes  nproc
 master.bw01.kres    2
 ga_uses_ma=false, calling ma_init with nominal heap. Any -G option will be 
!LICENCE! Password missing on licence token
!LICENCE! Password missing on licence token
  2: interrupt(1)
WaitAll: No children or error in wait?

my PROCGRP file (tcgmsg.exe.p) looks like:

root master 2 /root/test_molpro/tcgmsg.exe /root/test_molpro

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?



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