[molpro-user] -W wfdir problem

Dr Seth OLSEN s.olsen1 at uq.edu.au
Tue Jun 21 04:22:53 BST 2005


The answer to this problem is likely the use of the -<file-number> 
<dir> option.  This places the file number <file-number> in 
wavefunction <dir> during runtime.  This is as opposed to say, -W 
which copies the wavefunction file to a permenent directory _after_ 
job completion - this may be a problem if the working directory is not 
visible or becomes deleted if the job fails, as in some cluster 
facilities.  An example usage would be:

molpro -2 `pwd` inputfile.com

Where the bash command pwd and the command-replacement `` operators 
have been used.




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From: Rika Kobayashi <rxk900 at anusf.anu.edu.au>
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2005 12:24 pm
Subject: [molpro-user] -W wfdir problem
> Hello,
> We are having problems with storage of our wavefunction files, 
> with both the
> default
> -W$PBS_O_WORKDIR    # directory to store permanent copies of wf 
> files (2,3)
> and overriding command line
> molpro -n 1 -W . input
> seemingly ignored to put the .wfn file into our transient scratch 
> spacewhich is where we have set our rundir.
> We have our own implementation of mpirun which we have to modify 
> to handle
> certain environment variables so I suspect that may be the case 
> here but
> I'm having trouble finding what needs to be set and where.
> I can see wfndir getting interpreted correctly in molpro.c,
> I can see where the .wfn file gets opened in filass.f
> but I can't find the connection between the wavefunction directory 
> and the file open.
> We know we can work around this by setting -d to the cwd but this 
> generates a lot
> of unwanted files especially when running in parallel.
> Full filenames in the input as FILE,2,FULLPATH/wfn.wfn doesn't 
> seem to work
> (possibly because it's more than 32 characters).
> At the moment we are copying back the .wfn file from our scratch 
> space at the end
> of the job but obviously this is unsatisfactory if the job doesn't 
> complete.
> We have an SGI Altix 3700 BX2 running SUSE Linux and otherwise 
> seems to be running
> Molpro without problems.
> Rika
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