[molpro-user] ctype_b

Bernd Hartke hartke at phc.uni-kiel.de
Wed Jun 22 15:17:47 BST 2005

Dear molpro users,
   I am currently trying to compile molpro from the sources with the
PGI compiler (pgf90 5.2-4) on an AMD Opteron 246 system running SuSE Linux 
9.2. Although the configure script correctly recognizes the system (x86_64)
and finds the PGI compiler by itself, it complains in the end:
   Cannot link with any objects !
   This architecture or combination of architecture and integer
   size is proably not supported. Sorry ....
I believe to have tracked this down to utilities/get_parse, which tries
to link "temp.o" with "parse-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-i8" (which I believe
to be the correct object?), but this results in multiple copies of the
following error message:
   parse-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-i8.o(.text+0x4c01): In function `yylex':
   : undefined reference to `__ctype_b'
This looks like I am missing some libraries, but I have no clue which.

("ctype_b" may also be a truncated string:
There is a C++ class containing things like "ctype_base" in the file
include/CC/stl/_ctype.h within the PGI compiler tree. It looks related,
but if this is the correct one, I have no idea why PGI is not finding it
by itself nor how to force it to include it. -I does not work.)

Any hints are appreciated!


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