[molpro-user] performance on Sun ultraSparc, solaris 9

Dr Seth OLSEN s.olsen1 at uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 7 01:54:05 GMT 2005

Hi Molpro-users,

I'm running MolPro on an 8-cpu Sun UltraSPARC SMP box (running solaris 9) with 30G Ram.  I have been trying some test jobs and it seems that MolPro is not making good use of the available resources, in the sense that I see low %CPU values when I check prstat.  Are there system parameters that should be tweaked when I try to run MolPro on this system.  I have already reset shmmax to 4GB.  It this recommended?  Is there a better value for shmmax.  I know that the low cpu utilization can't be due to excessive disk i/o because I see this phenomenon even if I run under GDIRECT.  Are there any insights available as to how I can get the most out of MolPro on this system?




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