[molpro-user] Hard limits on CAS space sizes?

Dr Seth OLSEN s.olsen1 at uq.edu.au
Tue May 24 01:36:19 BST 2005

Hi Molpro-users,

I'm doing CASSCF on a molecule with 274 contracted basis functions and 126 electrons.  I would like to perform a CAS(18,18) calculation on this molecule, averaged over the two lowest states.  I'm working on an SMP box with 8 processors and 30GB of ram.  So far I have not had much luck with the calculation, which quits very soon after calling MULTI, before the calculation apparently starts in earnest.  Am I running into a hard-coded limit in molpro?  If so, can I recompile and get around the limit?

The error I get reads:
 Which is not very descriptive.  I appear to have plenty of scratch space, but this would not appear to be the problem anyway b/c I get the same error running direct.  I note that the error is not your usual 'not enough memory error' either.  This makes me think that there may be a deeper issue.  Am I correct in this?  Is this calculation out of reach?




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