[molpro-user] configure error for molpro 2002.6

David Glowacki chmdrgl at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Mar 29 17:38:25 BST 2006

Hello molpro users,


We are trying to run the ./configure script for putting serial molpro on the
master node of our Beowulf cluster (2 intel 32 bit xeon processors per

We have Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5, and we are using the ifc v 8.0 fortran
compiler.  When we run the ./configure, we get the following error message:



getmachine was unable to identify your operating system correctly.

Using Intel compiler /opt/intel/compiler80/ia32/bin/ifc for bootstrap

ifc: warning: The Intel Fortran driver is now named ifort.  You can suppress
this message with '-quiet'

/bin/sh: line 1: ../CONFIG_FRONT: No such file or directory

gmake: *** [echo] Error 1

utilities/machine.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libcxa.so.5:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

If you believe the error is not your fault,

then email the molpro mailing list at molpro-user at molpro.net, specifying

system type and version, compiler type and version and any other

information which would be useful. Exiting ...


Thinking that perhaps the program was having trouble linking to the
libcxa.so.5 libraries, we added a linking command to the location of these
libraries (./configure -L {file location}), but alas, we still get the same
error message.  I have investigated the molpro user's archived messages and
found that Vadim Kislov reported a similar sort of error message (17 March
2006), and he was directed to reinstall the source code for molpro.  I have
tried this, but I still get the same error.


If anyone has suggestions for dealing with this problem, or needs more
information to propose a solution, please let me know. 

any help would be very much appreciated.


Thanks very much,

Dave Glowacki


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