[molpro-user] trouble configuring using Intel fortran on amd64 (opteron)

Nick Wilson WilsonNT at Cardiff.ac.uk
Sat May 27 10:09:01 BST 2006

Dear Kelly,

Sorry, I was updating the supported platforms ready for the new release
and it slipped online. The configuration changes for the intel compiler 
on x86_64 haven't been ported back to 2002.6.

Please find attached serial and parallel CONFIG files which will 
hopefully prove useful.

Best wishes,
Nick Wilson

Kelly Higgins wrote:
> Hi Kirk,
> Thanks for your quick response on the eve of Memorial Day weekend.  I 
> tried a number of options including -ifc and setting IA64ROOT to no 
> avail.  In looking through the getmachine script it appears the Intel 
> compiler is only set up for 64 bit compilation for the Itanium 
> architecture and not the x86_64 architecture.  The compiler for 64 bit 
> x86_64's is called using ifort or ifc, not efc as in the case of the 
> Itanium, so configure assumes it is the 32 bit compiler and uses a CFLAG 
> of -m32, which leads to the error about the incompatible libsvml.a. I've 
> been modifying the getmachine script to work with the x86_64 ifc 
> compiler but I haven't gotten it to work yet and I'm not sure about all 
> of the flags that should be set.
> Does anyone have a CONFIG file that works for x86_64's in 64 bit mode 
> using Intel 9.0 fortran and 8.1 mkl?  This configuration is listed in 
> the 'Supported machines' but I didn't find a CONFIG file on the 
> 'Benchmarks' page.
> Thanks,
> Kelly
> Kirk Peterson wrote:
>> Hi Kelly,
>> did you use the configure option -ifc and set the environment  
>> variable IA64ROOT to point to the efc executable?
>> -Kirk
>> On May 26, 2006, at 7:11 PM, Kelly Higgins wrote:
>>> Hello Everybody,
>>> I am having trouble getting configure for Molpro 2002.6 to run on a  
>>> new opteron system.  I am running SuSE 10.0 64 bit and have  
>>> installed Intel 64 bit fortran 9.0 along with mkl 8.1 and I get the  
>>> following error when I run configure:
>>> ccb93-180:/usr/local/molpro/intel/molpro2002.6 # ./configure
>>> getmachine was unable to identify your operating system correctly.
>>> Using Intel compiler /opt/intel/fce/9.0/bin/ifc for bootstrap
>>> ifc: warning: The Intel Fortran driver is now named ifort.  You can  
>>> suppress this message with '-quiet'
>>> ld: skipping incompatible /opt/intel/fce/9.0/lib/libsvml.a when  
>>> searching for -lsvml
>>> ld: cannot find -lsvml
>>> ln: accessing `./machine.exe': No such file or directory
>>> gmake: *** [machine.exe] Error 1
>>> /bin/sh: ../CONFIG_FRONT: No such file or directory
>>> gmake: *** [echo] Error 1
>>> utilities/getmachine: line 338: utilities/machine.exe: No such file  
>>> or directory
>>> If you believe the error is not your fault,
>>> then email the molpro mailing list at molpro-user at molpro.net,  
>>> specifying operating
>>> system type and version, compiler type and version and any other
>>> information which would be useful. Exiting ...
>>> This configuration is supported according to the 'Supported  
>>> machines' page so why is it hanging at this point?
>>> Thanks for any help,
>>> Kelly Higgins
>>> Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
>>> Harvard University
>>> Cambridge, MA 02138
>>> USA

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