[molpro-user] parallel molpro

Renzo Cimiraglia cim at unife.it
Thu Dec 11 11:22:57 GMT 2008

Dear Molpro users,
I compiled the parallel version of molpro2008.2. Even though the compilation
was  apparently successful without any error, none of the test jobs could be
run. In all cases I get the following error:
 ? Error
 ? unknown option -p
 ? The problem occurs in process_options_array

Suggestions would be welcome.
                                              Renzo Cimiraglia

Prof.Renzo Cimiraglia        |Dipartimento di Chimica
cim at dns.unife.it             |Via Borsari 46
phone 0532-455139            |I-44100 Ferrara
fax   0532-240709            |Italy

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