[molpro-user] Compilation in IBM AIX5.3

rossi at york.cuny.edu rossi at york.cuny.edu
Fri Feb 1 13:05:59 GMT 2008


> ERROR: 0031-808  Hostfile or pool must be used to request nodes
> is not a Molpro related error. I am afraid I don't know much about the
> AIX system, but this should be fixed first.

This is not a Molpro error.

This is not an IBM AIX error.

Here is what is happening.

1) Let's assume that I have successfully compiled a parallel program on AIX
and have an executable  foo_parallel.x

2) To execute the program interactively on an AIX system which supports
parallel execution, one must define a host file:

    export MP_HOSTFILE=./hf

Inside the hf file are the names of the modes to be used


4) To execute the program

    poe ./foo.parallel -procs 4

In your case the make process is doing a test for the parallel envrionment.
It makes and executable and tries to run it.  This is the error you are
seeing.  It doesn't have the hostfile.

Look at the Makefile and see if you can work around this by not having it
execute the teeny,tiny executable that is compiled and executed.



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