[molpro-user] Installation issues when installing for a cluster with a Myrinet network

Kirk Peterson kipeters at wsu.edu
Thu May 8 16:19:22 BST 2008

Dear Evgeniy,

I have a very similar cluster and in my case the various (myrinet)  
CONFIG options are:

MYRINET_LINKPARS="-lpthread -L/opt/mpich/myrinet/gnu/lib -lmpich -L/ 
opt/gm/lib -lgm"

of course the location of mpirun.ch_gm (/opt/mpich/myrinet/gnu/bin in  
m case) should be in your path.

If this doesn't work for you, let me know and I can send my whole  
CONFIG file to you.



On May 8, 2008, at 6:13 AM, Evgeniy Gromov wrote:

> Dear molpro aficionados!
> I am attempting to install Molpro2006.1 in a parallel
> mode on a athlon cluster with a Myrinet network. I have
> installed GA with the GM Myricom library. When running
> configure, it prompts to choose among tcgmsg, mpi or myrinet.
> It is said in the manual that if myrinet network is available
> "myrinet" should be choosen. My question is what should be set
> then in the CONFIG file for: WRAPPER=, LIBDIR_myrinet=  and
> WRAPPER_myrinet= ?
> On the other hand if I choose tcgmsg then:
> WRAPPER=.../ga-4-0-1/tcgmsg/ipcv4.0/parallel
> LIBDIR_tcgmsg=/home/thor2/egromov/prog/ga-4-0-1/lib/LINUX
> WRAPPER_tcgmsg=/usr/local/ga-4-0/tcgmsg/ipcv4.0/parallel
> Is this right?
> But when compiling I immediately get an error message from make:
> GNUmakefile:56: *** Cannot find 'parallel' command in PATH.  Stop.
> I will very appreciate if someone could clarify (help to resolve)  
> these
> two issues!
> Best wishes,
> Evgeniy
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