[molpro-user] A question about second moment in molpro

Cong Wang eclipse at chem.helsinki.fi
Sun Dec 6 14:20:53 GMT 2009

Dear everyone,


 Excuse me, I have a question of the definition of second moment in
molpro. From the manual

SM      1       XX, YY, ZZ, XY, XZ, YZ  second moments

Seems the diagonal element is a positive definite quantity, while the
example on water molecule is negative

 METHODS     DIP           SMXX          SMYY          SMZZ
 HF        0.82747571   -5.30079792   -3.01408114   -4.20611391

Does the SM mean \sum_I Z_I R_I^2 - \sum_i r_i^2  or  (\sum_I Z_I R_I
- \sum_i r_i)^2 that counts both nuclei and electron?

Thank you very much
Best regards
Cong Wang

Ph. D. Student
Department of Chemistry
Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish
University of Helsinki
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P.O. Box 55
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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