[molpro-user] explicit fitting basis problem with -f12 methods

Kirk Peterson kipeters at wsu.edu
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when you specify a default fitting basis set as you've done below on the ccsd(t)-f12 or mp2-f12 command line (or in the explicit directive), there are default contexts used, e.g., for df_basis the program looks for a vtz/mp2fit set below and the ri_basis would default to perhaps vtz/optri.  Neither of these are currently defined for the Be atom (or any of the alkali or alkaline earth metals I believe, this is a work in progress).  If you want to define your own, do it in the basis set block:


default,vtz     ! specify orbital basis







These choices of fitting sets (i.e., just the orbital basis sets) will definitely give lousy results though. The 2009.2 version of Molpro has the def2-vnzpp Turbomole basis sets (these are not the correlation consistent vnz-pp basis sets) defined for all elements, both jkfit and mp2fit. If you don't have them, you can fetch them in Molpro format from the Turbomole basis set site: 
and insert them in your df, ri, etc. blocks like I did above (note that what Molpro refers to as mp2fit and jkfit are called cbasis and jkbasis in Turbomole).



On Dec 4, 2009, at 1:56 PM, Jason Byrd wrote:

> Molpro users,
> I am trying to do a proof of concept CCSD(T)-F12 calculation using the VTZ basis sets for the Be atom.  Reading through the mailing list, it seems that I can do this by defining 
> ccsd(t)-f12,df_basis=vtz,ri_basis=vtz,df_basis_exch=vtz
> However this does not work!  What I get is this:
>  Cannot find default basis VTZ for atom Be
>  Type=FIT
>  Context=JKFIT
>  Please specify a default basis or define basis sets for all atoms!
> Is it not possible to define a df_basis_exch basis set explicitly?  My input is below and attached is my output file:
> *** Be ccsd(t)-f12
> memory,275,M
> basis=vtz
> geometry={
>         Be
> }
> hf
> ccsd(t)-f12,df_basis=avtz,ri_basis=vtz,df_basis_exch=vtz
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