[molpro-user] Question about Memory usage

zhendong zhao zzhao at olemiss.edu
Mon Mar 23 14:58:32 GMT 2009

Dear Molpro users,
I successfully compiled molpro 2008.1. Then I run bench tests on a box
with Intel CPU Q6600 and 4GB memory. 
I try to run this job, bench/mpp_big_direct_lmp2.com using 4 cores, the
job consumed 4GB memory and filled the swap partition, so the
calculation is terribly slow. If molpro uses 2 cores, the speed is
fine, because it never use swap. My question is, the input file only
requests "memory,32,m", 32mw in 64bit OS is 32x8MB = 256MB, why the job
demands so many memory, how does molpro use memory?
Thanks in advance.


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