[molpro-user] getting state average MO in a multi computation

Peter Knowles KnowlesPJ at cardiff.ac.uk
Mon Jan 4 10:39:30 GMT 2010

The following input does what I think you want. You can choose the standard Molden format, or Molpro's xml-based format, according to your taste.

Or you may be asking which orbitals are actually used in the printed CI wavefunction. In the example given, these are the state-averaged orbitals, but you can control this using the NATORB subcommand of MCSCF (see http://www.molpro.net/info/current/doc/manual/node236.html)



On 27 Dec 2009, at 13:45, Francoise Remacle wrote:

> Dear Prof. Knowles,
> We are using molpro and the multi keyword to compute excited states.
> We then need to build a one electron rho matrix for a given superposition of these excited states.
> for this, we need the LCAO coefficients of the average MO's that are used to build the CSF's , whose integer occupation numbers are listed below the subtitle 'CI vectors' in the molpro output.
> We would like to know which keyword we need to use to dump the matrix for these LCAO coefficients.
> As far as we understand, these are not the LCAO of the state averaged natural orbitals that diagonalize the state averaged rho matrix.
> Could you kindly tell us how to proceed?
> Many thanks in advance ,
> Best wishes for the New Year,
> Francoise Remacle

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