[molpro-user] What is the definition of electric field gradient in molpro 2009?

cong.wang cong.wang at helsinki.fi
Thu Jan 14 14:09:27 GMT 2010

Dear everyone,


  Excuse me, I have a question about the electric field gradient in
molpro 2009. In the manual section 6.13, it is said

FG 	1 	FGXX, FGYY, FGZZ, FGXY, FGXZ, FGYZ 	electric field gradients

 What is the mathematical definition of this quantity? In Dalton
program 2.0, they defined as (in P167)

  .EFGCAR Cartesian electric field gradient integrals

  1/3 \frac{ 3 r_k r_k^T - r_k^T r_k I}{r_k^5}

  Does molpro uses the same definition including prefactor or anything

  Thank you very much
  Best regards
  Cong Wang

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 Department of Chemistry
 Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish
 University of Helsinki
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