[molpro-user] 15 K SAS vs 7.2K SATA

Peter Burger burger at chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Tue Sep 21 16:09:43 BST 2010

  Dear Molpro users.

I would like to learn from your experience with the file I/O in Molpro
with  regard to the underlying hardware.

We are in the process to purchase new nodes and have to
decide either to buy machines with more memory >> 48 GB
or faster hard disks:

The actual question is, how well fare the latest 7.2K rpm SATA disks 
with large
areal density in comparison with 15K rpm SAS disks for CCSD(T) calculations.
I guess the question I am asking is how scratch files are accessed?

If it is dominated by linear transfer from the disk, the latest SATA 
disks should
perform pretty well.
If random access plays a major role SAS disks should do way better.

Thanks alot for your input in advance.


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Institut fuer Anorganische und Angewandte Chemie
Universitaet Hamburg
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