[molpro-user] issue with Molpro 2010.1 (patch 2): ABDATA missing

Stefan Becuwe stefan.becuwe at ua.ac.be
Tue Sep 21 20:40:20 BST 2010


I compiled/installed Molpro 2010.1 in the same way as 2009.1: GA 4.3.2, 
TCGMSG-MPI, Intel compilers and Intel MPI.  Running the tests as follows

   make MOLPRO_OPTIONS=-n8 test

results in

openc: Error in opening file [...]/molpro2010.1/testjobs/../lib/ABDATA

  GLOBAL ERROR fehler on processor   0
make[1]: *** Deleting file `Cs_DKH10.out'
make: *** [test] Interrupt

It seems ABDATA is missing (is present in 2009.1).  Any idea how to fix 
this problem?  Thanks in advance!



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