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Mintz, Benjamin J. bm0037 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 15:09:55 GMT 2011

Dear users,

I recently built a mpp version of molpro 2010.1, and I had a question about the result from mpptune.com.  Our cluster is set up with dual quad-core intel nehalem processors, and we have an infiniband interconnect using openmpi, openib, and SGE.  I ran the mpptune.com, which put the following lines in lib/tuning.rc

--tuning-mpplat 000035
--tuning-mppspeed 000249

I believe this means that molpro determined that our network has a latency of 35 microseconds and a broadcast speed of 249 MB/sec.  My question is wether or not this is a good latency and broadcast speed for an infiniband interconnect running molpro.  I thought that the latency of an infiniband interconnect was closer to 1-3 microseconds with a bandwidth in the GB/sec.  I was just wondering if there is a problem with our network settings, or if there might be an issue with the molpro build, or if this is just as good as it gets.  I attached my CONFIG file for reference.  I would appreciate any information.

Benjamin J. Mintz
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