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Rana Zahdeh ranazahdeh at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 27 10:09:02 BST 2011

Dear Sir,
I'm trying to calculate the wave function for my system. I have attached my input file. When I run it I receive the following error massage:
 Variable memory set to     230000 words,  buffer space   230000 words

 ERROR WRITING            4 WORDS AT OFFSET       4096. TO FILE 2  IMPLEMENTATION=df   FILE HANDLE=    -1  IERR=    -1
 ? Error
 ? I/O error
 ? The problem occurs in writew
I think the problem is related to the memory used in my input file, isn't it? I tried to use higher and lower values of memory but with the same error massage in the output. Will you please help me?
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