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Rana Zahdeh ranazahdeh at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 29 08:03:59 BST 2011

Dear Molpro users,
Thanks a lot for your previuos help. Will you please explain to me how should we determine the memory needed for any system?
I was recommended to do the calculation for my input file with memory,23,m and it worked with one of your Molpro users at this memory but when I ran it I still have the following error massage:
Variable memory set to   23000000 words,  buffer space   230000 words

 ERROR WRITING            4 WORDS AT OFFSET       4096. TO FILE 2  IMPLEMENTATION=df   FILE HANDLE=    -1  IERR=    -1
 ? Error
 ? I/O error
 ? The problem occurs in writew
 GLOBAL ERROR fehler on processor   0

Will you please help me to know why it didn't work with me but it worked with one of your users?

Note, My input file is attatched with this email.
Thanks in advance.
Kindest greetings,
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