[molpro-user] Questiion about stable=opt condition in gaussian

anirban mandal anirbanmandal2002 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Sep 17 19:47:40 BST 2011

Hi all,
I have a quick question about the calculations in Gaussian (98 and 03) using the condition "stable=opt". I did an UHF calculation for a Ru2 triplet using both Molpro 2010 and Gaussian (same basis set). First the energies didn't match, because they didn't converge to the same state. So I did dome orbital reordering in Gaussian to get the same state as obtained by Molpro, and the energies matched.
Now the problem is, there is an option in Gaussian called "stable=opt". If specified, it checks for internal and external instabilities of the wavefunction and if instabilities found, it again minimizes the energy. If I use that option, I do get lower energy than Molpro or Gamess everytime, but the orbitals now look really really strange. It looks like the orbitals get localized. For example, if I have two Ru atoms, the mo's have contributions from the s, p , and d orbitals of both Ru atoms. One the calculations are with stable=opt, some orbitals have contribution from one Ru atom, others have contribution from the other Ru atom. I don't know how to reproduce those orbitals in Molpro. I was wondering if someone had the same problem before, and how to actually handle it. Thank you guys.

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