[molpro-user] Best way to implement a WHILE loop?

Andy May MayAJ1 at cardiff.ac.uk
Wed Aug 1 14:55:11 BST 2012


Since one can actually modify the iterator variable (see note and 
warning in the manual), something like:

do i=1,2
if (j.lt.10) i=1

will work, effectively creating an infinite loop until a certain 
condition is met.

Best wishes,


On 29/07/12 11:12, Seth Olsen wrote:
> Hi Molpro,
>  From the manual it is not clear how this should be done.  The apparent
> way, using GOTO commands to exit the loop, is contraindicated.  I can't
> find examples of DO loops where the DO loop is exited via an IF
> construct, so it's not clear to me what the best way is to do this.  Is
> there a better way than using GOTO to pop out of a DO loop?
> Cheers,
> Seth
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