[molpro-user] Installing 2010.2 patch level 25

Taube, Andrew Andrew.Taube at DEShawResearch.com
Tue Jan 24 16:21:38 GMT 2012

I am attempting to install the most recent update of molpro 2010.1 -- patch level 25. Downloading the tarball from the website, it appears that the structure of the molpro directories is different than it had been in the past, and there is no longer a "patcher" included in the distribution. How, then, can I download my token?

I could patch the already existing version that I have, except that I am unable to reach the patch directory via the patcher (or directly through the web). Is the patching infrastructure no longer active?

Andrew G. Taube
D. E. Shaw Research
email: Andrew.Taube at DEShawResearch.com
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