[molpro-user] Molpro across multiple Macs

Jean M. Standard standard at ilstu.edu
Thu Mar 28 18:26:38 GMT 2013

I know that Molpro can be compiled to run on a single Macintosh 
system. I'd like to know whether or not it's possible to compile 
Molpro to run in parallel across multiple (about 20) iMacs running 
Mac OS X 10.8?  If so, does anyone have any pointers with respect to 
compilation, set up, etc.?

Thanks much, Jean

    Jean M. Standard                 standard at ilstu.edu
    Department of Chemistry
    Illinois State University        Phone: (309) 438-7700
    Normal, IL 61790-4160            FAX:   (309) 438-5538

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