[molpro-user] MolPro problem in HEAD NODE of CLUSTER

SAIKAT MUKHERJEE pcsm2 at iacs.res.in
Sat May 25 19:00:14 BST 2013

Hello Developers and Users

We had installed MolPro 2010 in our IBM cluster long back,
and it was running very well in parallel in the cluster.
The cluster has one head node and three computing nodes.

Recently no molpro job (both serial and parallel) is running
in the head node though the jobs are running in the compute
nodes without any problem.

In the head node, after submitting a job

  $ molpro abc.molpro &

no out and xml file is produced. In the job list no job is shown.

I am giving the description of submitting a job below:

$ molpro abc.molpro &
[1] 4232
[molpro at cluster test]$ tmp =
 Creating: host=cluster.hpc.org, user=molpro,
/usr/local/bin/molpro_bin/molprop_2010_1_Linux_x86_64_i8.exe, len=60
abc.molpro, len=10
   -master, len=7
cluster.hpc.org, len=15
     37632, len=5
         1, len=1
         1, len=1
         0, len=1
         0, len=1

After a long time it ends uo with this error

1: ListenAndAccept: timeout waiting for connection 0 (0).
  1: ListenAndAccept: timeout waiting for connection 0 (0).
  0: interrupt(1)

I noticed that in the /tmp directory no account is created.

Please guide me to resolve the issue.

Junior Research Fellow (INSPIRE Fellow)
Dr. Satrajit Adhikari Group
Physical Chemistry Department
I.A.C.S; Jadavpur
Kolkata - 700032

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