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one hack you can use is to run your ROHF orbitals through 1 iteration of the UHF program (maxit,1) and then use these in mrcc. You’ll need to add the ignore_error option to the orbital directive in mrcc. This is not entirely rigorous since some terms are then missing in the (Q), but it does generally give very reasonable results.



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Hello Molpro Experts,

Is it possible to do an MRCC Kallay CCSDT(Q) energy calculation for an open-shell ROHF reference? The error message below keeps giving me hope:

Executing mrcc...

 Approximate CC methods are not implemented for standard ROHF orbitals!
 Use semicanonical orbitals!

 Fatal error in mrcc.
 ? Error
 ?  Fatal error in mrcc.
 ? The problem occurs in MRCC

I am trying to calculate the CCSDT(Q) energy for a (doublet-B1) NH2 molecule. Tried a lot of things, but it seems like there is no option to force Molpro to generate semicanonical ROHF orbitals as the error message above wants. ROHF keeps generating canonical/standard orbitals in record file 2100.2.

CCSDT(Q) energy works fine with UHF reference though.

Any help or suggestion to make MRCC Kallay's CCSDT(Q) work with the ROHF reference will be greatly appreciated.

Input file I used is:

Geometry = {
N  ,  H1  , rNH
H2 ,  N   , rNH  ,  H1  ,  aHNH

rNH   =    1.04100000 Ang
aHNH  =  100.72710000 Degree


orbital,type=semicanonical or pseudo-canonical              <--- Tried these and many other combinations but did not make any difference


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