CI Project Calcs.

The Matt thompsma at
Thu Dec 13 22:46:26 GMT 2001

Dear Sirs,

I am wondering how to use the CI;PROJECT style of CI.  I ask because my
system has 6 states, 3 in each of 3 symmetries, that I do a SA-MCSCF
over, e.g., 


I then wish to do CI calcs on each of the states, which I've been told
is done with the "projected CI", e.g.,


My question is, what do I do in the multi part to specify the 4000.3
record?  That is, what card/command do I use?  A friend suggested adding
this line before multi:


But, I can't find anything in the manual about that.

Or, is there a better way to do CI's of these two states in the same

Thank you for any help,
Matt Thompson
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